Friday, May 25, 2012

M.H. Stanley Intermediate School Big and Little Choruses - Movin' On

Really, really late on fulfilling this promise, but here's my first real post back...  Top top tier middle school band rock out sesh, kinda unparalleled for my money - barring say something like, Context '70, or whatever!  NorCal preteens just totally running amok here, great cover choices, and some total tear-jerker softee moments to boot.  Their teacher was obviously a head of one stripe or another...  Essential pick for this kind of scene...  so get hip already!!  And say hi if you've got any good stories about the LP!  More soon...  Much love, JDF


  1. This one rips! Especially "Dreamland" in my book...many thanks! --Nick

  2. just looking at the cover brings warmth to my heart
    i still didn't listen to the album but it looks very promising
    many thanks joachim

  3. Hello, Would it be possible to get a Track list for this album, Please?