Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mohs - The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living

Mysterious, charming, and very rare.  Mohs hailed from New Mexico according to the Acid Archives, but I can find no reference on the LP other than a song title.  Back cover is blank, and no artist names are included on the labels.  But what a stunning visage, that greco-roman blueprint staring sideways, donning real mucklucks for some kind of rocky mountain climb.  Such is the rustic, slightly windblown, but at times manicured, or at least curatorial output of the Mohs, as it were - collective.  We'll defer in that sense, until further information can be elucidated.  Education is important, but so also is getting clam-baked in your camper and recording very completely sincere soft wisdom from a place that is more internally laid back than I think anyone can entirely access anymore.  I bring a tear from my eye.  But listen to the record, enjoy something for crissakes.  Slow down a little bit.  The unexamined life is NOT worth living.  But your life will certainly go on.  Even with their two goofus trax.  Period charm.  You'll have to deal.  Lots of deep stoney gaze.  Immaculate.  Mohs lets dream together.  Good night!

Everything Will Be Alright... (The Ledge - Rock Affair)

This is probably one of my favorite one-trackers of all time.  Which is to say, actually, that the rest of the LP is far from unlistenable.  But one glimpse of the title track with your third ear, and it's sort of game over on their covers of "Dancing in the Moonlight" or wherever else the AM compass was guiding the Ledge's weathered late night live sets at one haunt or another roundbout Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Stunning cover photo, and something ever so cryptic as to where that voice is coming from, even if it's just some soft focus 70s melancholied blue eyed soul.  Totally sends a chill everytime.  Big ups to Rockadelic Rich for turning me onto this!  Another crazy score...


Everything Will Be Alright