Monday, April 9, 2012


Rare promotional photo of the once lost Peach and Pockets!!!

Well, almost. I just wanted to say hi to everybody after being reminded that I had a blog stashed away somewhere in cyber space during a recent conversationin which Nabokov and thus, the almighty Kinbotes came up. I haven't been posting because after yet another relocation to sunny southern California I've been very busy getting an MFA, and in the meanwhile accruing a nasty stack of blog-worthy records that are threatening to jump off the shelves and write about themselves for you all to hear and see, a flood-gate that will surely burst in but a few weeks. If you're curious about various other projects I have a very infrequently updated Tumblr for miniature art crud - and hopefully a lot more of my films soon! Take care, talk soon, and be well. It's the time of the season, you know...