Saturday, August 12, 2023

Greetings and good tidings yon 2023! :-)

Hello all young and old! It hath been a few minutes hehehe! I am writing to update all the old friends and fans of the Bubbling Dusk that my content is slowly making it's way onto YouTube... you can check out the channel here! Anyone who finds me via the now-in-theatres Dreamin' Wild film based on the lives of Donnie (seen above with yours truly after a recent LA gig!) and Joe Emerson and their incredible family, welcome!!! I hope you enjoy this small treasure trove of self released music and art from the golden era of the private press record. I wish I had more time to dig and share but hopefully the uploads on YouTube will amuse and suffice, and maybe I can get some new mixes going as life unfurls... If interested in following my other artistic pursuits and endeavors I can be seen here and here. Much love to all, and hoping this finds all my old listeners enjoying everything, weathering the weird times and loving their life!!! Namaskar, Jack