Friday, June 22, 2012

Shades of Rayne

Hey everybody.  Summer rings heavy in the ectoplasm.  Sort of preoccupied here, but for some reason this 45 was really calling itself to my mind's eye, and I figured it was worth a post.  The step-son of one of the greatest bands ever - New Orleans' mighty Rayne - this little offshoot is still really kinda hep, and has a nice faded southern stoner aura to the whole jag.  I'm into it, and it's shimmery summery stoney slack-eyed cat's eye mind's eye fry, etc.  so therefore, appropriate?  For you?  For me?  Pretty sure this 45 is the only remedy to the deep gash their older brothers inflicted on the private press scene.  Nothing quite like the LP, yet I can totally get behind this swamp folk errata...  (the 45! -- aha!)  I really hope you enjoy it too.  My annual summer mix CD is done, and I'll get it up here really soon.  Sure to be a doozy!  Talk soon -- Much luv, jdf

High Again

I'm Waitin'