Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mix-Host Shake-down: Permanent Places, Wide Open Spaces

Hey, Greetings.  After a lot of procrastination I finally got all my mixes uploaded to the server for the indefinite future.  Having received a ton of inquiries about them, and scrambling on and off to upload individual links for thirsty parties, I just decided, f-it, let's make them available for good, for the good - yeah, the good of the people, man!  Haha!  It's a fun breeze through my "personal musical odyssey" (gasp), and a deep well of some really unseemly obscurity, sometimes house-be-rocking, others in time let the knock defrocking.  Sigh.  November may be the finally realized month de blog, in which I really devote some heave-ho to getting stuff up and reeling for your dancing and dining entertainment...  feel like I'm always under a cloud of one kind or another when it comes to really giving this site it's proper re-recognizance.  Life, what was it, what was that thing, I was looking for?  Music... music... music...

Alone Again, Or (2006)

love poem - richard brautigan
better dad than dead - mark levine
ill (worst) - r. stevie moore
frog song - merry airbrakes
Side B, Track 1 ["Untitled"] - david allen coe
mudiang priangan - the steps
one night - the shoes
lonely faces - dave bixby
love out of a crumbling forge - gene f. steiker and larry s. chengges
the fires are burning - charles manson family jams
mists and rains - ruth white
lost at sea - department store santas
inner light - index
in the eyes - virgin insanity
lonely fog - michael yonkers
mr. man - hickory wind
lamentation for hank williams - tina & david meltzer
i don't wanna love ya now - mistress mary
nature is my mother - yays and nays
persephone's song - journey of persephone
fingernail poem - alan watts
open road - hopkins & bradley
a song off of the HALF TRIBE surf lp


Bummer in the Summer (2008)

Side A
Euphoria - Lisa (A Gift From...)
The Dots - ??? (Tape - MA, 80s)
Conte Four - Shangri La (Music for Your Dancing Pleasure)
Ken Nordine - Zebras (Twink)
Michael Farneti - Good Morning Kisses (Good Morning Kisses)
Sonny Padilla Jr. - Dreams and Stories (7")
Gary Neiland - Album Tonight (S/T)
Les Paul and Mary Ford - ???
Music Emporium - Winds Have Changed

Side B
Donnie Bletz - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (7")
Crystalaugur - You've Got to Rap (Terranaut)
Marc Brandt - Roaring Texas Chief (Back to Better Days)
Dave Lamb and Gye Whiz - I Wonder Why (I'll Be Alright)
Donnie and Joe - Good Time (Dreamin' Wild)
Paul Levinson - Antique Shop (Twice Upon a Rhyme)
Billy Ashe - Friendship Song (You 'n You)
Austin Sirch - Rail Ride (Alter Alert)
Duncan Martin - Propane (Tape) 

You Really Would (2009)

A Wave - Woo
Measurement - Pat Madden
Take Me Home - Bert Keeley
Anthony Burgess - Bing Selfish & the Ideals
Have You Ever Had That Feeling? - Jim Hansen
It's Over - Gatsby
Misty - The Estate
Anybody Home - Dennis Soares
Dogs - Glenn Phillips
Fear of Flying - Jenny MacGregor
Where Are You? - Tim McKenna
Searchin' - Charmer
Universal Person - Grand Canyon
A Simple Thought - Greg Todd & the Jacks
Try Baby - Pat Madden
Diamond Love - Philip John Lewin
Tots in the Way - Ice Skates with Arms
The Stars are Bright - Benny Cook
A Job Well Done - Jo Ann Stokes
The Cleaner - Woo 

Duende (2010)

Keep Workin’ - Misty Hush Revival
- Eric
- Wailing Wall
Stone Phase - Moonlyte
- Utopia
Amor - Saints & Sinners
You Came to Me - Morly Grey
Journey of the Mind - El Gusano
3 AM - Misty Hush Revival
- Collective Tools
Salsa Friquea - Bandolero
On the Brink - Grapes of Rathe
- Eric
Drug Country - New Dawn
Our Love - Dennie Dioguardi
Girl From the Mountain - Ghetto Brothers
- Unity
- Haku
- Grupo Irakere
Outro - Misty Hush Revival

Nocturnal Plant Life (2010)

How Can You Know Yourself? - Cathy Ragland
River - Arica
The Wabe - First Lite
Crimson Dawn - Turiiya
Guide Me to the Light - Rohrbacker, Hendren, & Kingen
Bye Bye - T-Kail
Hey Guy - Harlem Avenue
I Owe It All to You - Froc
Seems Like One of Those Days - Konrad
Black River Lady - Drendall, Thrower, & Friends
Spring - Joey Garone
Atmospheric Dreams - Lightdreams
Dream of the M - Once
Take My Life - Ron Rude 

Exercise Your Face (And Smile) (2011)

Damage Done - Plateau
Midnight on Mopac - Aerosol Lettuce
Sweet Sirene - Zoa
Turnaround - Ambiance
Secret Squirrel
It Gets Me Hot - Slippery When Wet
Hummingbird - Marc, Tim, and Group
No Not Really - Michael Land
A Dream Shared By Two - Tubular Face
Before the Snowfall - Sixth Station
Jesus, Watch Over Me - Jerry Hawkins
Chinga Tu Madre - The Jugs
Blue Sea - Follies Bazaar
The Impossible Dream (Excerpt) - Kay Dennis 

It’s the Same Moon in China

Good Times Rock’n’Roll Band - Khamba Shuffle (Variations)
Summer Wine - Lady of Dreams
Stir Crazy - I Am Free
Pumpkin - Frightened Little Girl
The Calliope - Everybody’s High
Mark Dutton - Sun on the Run
The Waterproof Candle - Electrically Heated Child
Betty Everett - 1900 Yesterday
The Eldees - Don’t Be Afraid to Love
The Westwinds - Summer
Pittsburgh Phil - Don’t Tell Her Lies
Josie Taylor - I’ll Love You For Awhile
Staff & Management - Fresh Dirt
Yellow Hair - Talent for Lovin’
Daisy Clan - San Francisco China Town
Strimbling Blimbles - Perfect Dream
Gloria March - The Other Side of the Moon
Bran’ Spankin’ - You Gotta Change

Hope this all hits the spot, drop me a note if anything specific touches you...