Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Duende Out-Take: The Moon Lions on DJ

Here's a missing link from that old mix... absolute mystery band (whatta name!), on a mega obscure El Paso label - and as usual with the border-town blasters 1 side is scorching and the flip is a pretty mellow traditional waltz... But what a scorcher! "Voy A Llorar" sounds alot like a traditional mid-60s garage work-out (primal scream before the break included) but is lost in a fuzzy early 70s (?) tunnel... epic dive bar atmosphere, total twilight zone material, here... An LP full of stuff like this with some longer work-outs, moody ballads, etc. is just a complete dreamland record for me. Have asked a few Tejanos about this label and it's kind of a head-scratcher, though I'm sure someone knows the scoop. Have to doubt there's much more from the Moon Lions though... but hey, one can dream!

Voy a Llorar


  1. hello, just found your blog and am now DL the interesting latitudes lp. I also came across your post of take flight but I cannot find the link. others have commented on the lp so I assume there was one before. any chance you could re-up that one?

    thanks, rick k

  2. Hi -- Thanks for the interest but after a link expires I just leave it down. There are sound-clips though, right?