Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back with a Blast: Sonaura on Uncles Richie's

Hopefully this marks a return for a while at least of steady dependable brain dredge from yours truly... had a blast down south and am now back to the wintry lair, trying to keep the puzzle put together! Stumbled across this ungodly raw blast from an early 70s hard-rock group (sounds like a trio) called Sonaura... I tried tracking them down but couldn't quite figure it out. To say the least the vibe here is frantic, desperate, and dark - matched with a production that sounds like it was recorded in an empty castle... which checks off most of the stops on my short-list to perfection! "Song of Sauron" is the hype here, but I dig the flip too which is a moody down-tempo basement number... This kind of shit absolutely slays me in part because of how good it is, but also just how buried it stays on 45s... If anyone has further info give me a shout, I'm curious about the label too...

Song of Sauron

Don't Ever Leave


  1. Im the other way round. i think the B- kills the A side. A wild guess that the drummer's dad paid for the recording?

  2. Holy shit!
    Song of Sauron totally blows my mind!!

  3. Don't Ever Leave is the jam. How can I grab these mP3s?

  4. Thank you very much for this album, I can not find it, I'm doing work on the influence of JRR Tolkien in music, greetings from Zaragoza, Spain