Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tyger on Tiger Records

Well, with summer vacation now winding it's way down I will be back in some capacity for the duration of the hot weather and peak annual beer consumption. The above record is something I only found out about recently - and is a total mystery to me. Found in a thrift store in Arizona, none of the usual sources seem to know it at all, and but for a stunning home-made sleeve and limited info on the labels I can't even verify the band name - etc. But what there is, is an album's worth of very nice folk rock that reminds me at times of Wilcox, Sullivan, Wilcox though a bit more amped and AM ready. Tasteful violin playing gives it an edge like Jackdaw or Canada's Mantra but this might be all more a factor of my own personal mind garden, and you may just hear some charmingly low-key longhair vibrations not altogether that distant from America or (gasp) James Taylor. I think it's a real nice LP and worth a few spins at least, especially in all those dusky twilight summer moods I'm sure you're kicking up out there... Big thanks to Bruce in California for sharing this, and hoping this post may shed some kind of light on who or what this release actually is. I've posted label scans below, and here's a track-list too, for good measure. Any info can go here, and otherwise enjoy!

1. Wendy's Song
2. I Need You to Give
3. Manna
4. Where Do You Get Your Ideas
5. June Brown Wheat
6. Tell Your Lies
7. Your Eyes
8. Rented Room
9. Think About the Music
10. Sunday in the Country


  1. Mmmmmm, this sounds nice. And looks very interesting at the same time. I'm more then willing to lend a copy from you J. Thank you very much for sharing this obscuro.

  2. J - thanks for the rip - it's very nice. Much appreciated. Thanks!

  3. Just ran across this blog father was the violin player for this album, I sent the link for this review along to him :)

  4. Hey "Anonymous" dated July 16,2013, if you're Anonymous, son of Anonymous' Dad, then I am Anonymous' Dad, who actually did play violin on this album, which we called "The White Album" after the fact, because the cover was blank. There were 100 copies of the LP made. It was recorded at Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1973 and produced by Bobby Martin. The principle singer/song writers and guitarists were William Carpenter (now deceased) and Steve Hastie, who still lives in Philadelphia. I am the violinist, and since I gave their names, I'll give mine, which is Richard Carpenter. Well, I'm still Anonymous' Dad, but since I gave my name, I'm not Anonymous. But I never claimed to be. Reed Carpenter is Anonymous. But now he's not Anonymous. But hey Reed, I always figured if they were after me, they'd find me anyway and I guess it's the same for you...If anyone is interested in further music that is associated with this, the 1st recorded album of Tiger (or Tyger); [we had an on-going, never completely settled argument about how to spell it], there are 2 albums on Apple ITunes that might be of interest for those with IPods: An EP that I released in 2003 - Blue Tarp: "Demo Man", and Tyger/Old Youth: "Abrupt Endings", released in 2010. In addition to ITunes, these albums are also available @ Steve Hastie also compiled and released "Tyger... With A Why" in Philadelphia, 2002. In addition, there was a 2-disc album, "Tiger: Live At the Grape Street Pub" recorded at a reunion concert at, you guessed it, Grape Street Pub. The recordings have a lot of crowd noise with a particularly annoying guy who was unfortunately close to the microphone that recorded the gig, and who kept mumbling for "Dave Mason" ("Only You Know and I Know") all night. That recording definitely had its moments, though. We were a rather compelling musical force on-stage, even with 3 pieces playing acoustically. Anyway, it is with appreciation that I say "thank you" on behalf of Bill, Steve, and myself to the people who have had a chance to hear this 1st recording of our music.

    1. Hi Richard! Thanks for the details. Are you still in contact with Steve? Would you happen to have an e-mail address for him?

  5. You found my album artwork! I haven't seen that stuff in a loooong time. Felt tipped pens. There was nothing like 'em. I gave that album to a woman friedn of mine who moved away and took it with her to Flagstaff. She later sent me a letter that became the inspiration for one of my best songs. Thanks for finding the album. (Steve)

  6. Yeah, but remember we didn't want any album art so we left it a blank cover somewhat reminiscent of the Beatle's White album, although it wasn't explicitly stated by any of us that this was the intent? Felt tipped pens! Itried to get a patent on a compass attachment for a felt-tit-pen, and I think it's still a good idea, no - sharpie wouldn't have anything to do with it, and neither would Bic. Just think, if I'd gotten that patent, we probably could have made a lot more of those discs than just the 100 originals, and not only that, maybe we could have sold a few of 'em instead of giving them away to complete strangers like that guy on the beach in Wellfleet, Cape Cod. Actually, though there truly are no regrets. The Muse never abandons her loving children.