Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mix: Nocturnal Plant Life

Here's an oddball 80s mix I fooled around with recently, and decided to stick out there... Strange intersection of harder wave edges and ambient new age textures. May be the first in a small series of mixes on this theme. There are a few artists included here, who'd I'd love to write about at greater length as time allows, on the blog. In the meantime, enjoy...


  1. Great mix, but you should put the tracklist.

    track4 turiiya
    track9 konrad
    track13 once

    I feel shame.

  2. Hahaha! No worries. I was hoping I could at least stir up some guesses! I'll put it up in a few days.

    Cheers, Jack

  3. 1. How Can You Know Yourself? - Cathy Ragland
    2. River - Arica
    3. The Wabe - First Lite
    4. Crimson Dawn - Turiiya
    5. Guide Me to the Light - Rohrbacker, Hendren, & Kingen
    6. Bye Bye - T-Kail
    7. Hey Guy - Harlem Avenue
    8. I Owe It All to You - Froc
    9. Seems Like One of Those Days - Konrad
    10. Black River Lady - Drendall, Thrower, & Friends
    11. Spring - Joey Garone
    12. Atmospheric Dreams - Lightdreams
    13. Dream of the M - Once
    14. Take My Life - Ron Rude

  4. Thanks for the tracklist ! I'm not familiar with lot those albums but I'll dig.

  5. I'd love to hear this but the file is no longer hosted--any chance of a repost?