Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Peach and Pockets

I realize stuff like this 45 appeals to about 5 people out there besides myself, but ever since first hearing Peach and Pockets several months ago, I have had "Top of the Morning" running through my head, encouraging all of my bad habits and drenching my dreams in cheap champagne... For fans of Michael Farneti, this is about as close as I've come to finding someone else who occupies that delirious space of 70s swinger lore made manifest in absolutely unchecked musical indulgence. Issued on "Duckbilled Platters," a small label from Mercer Island, WA, I implore you to have at least a "One Time Thing" with Peach and Pockets ... this marvelous duo I have literally no further information about. If anyone has any other 45s on this label, please drop me a line... I'm totally curious now!

Top of the Morning

One Time Thing


  1. make that 6 people.. thanks for the post,sorta like early Steely Dan with a psych song poem feel.cheers!

  2. I am not usually crazy about lounge-y stuff, but I am really, really digging this, Thanks for another cool find! *sings* -Top of the morning...

  3. wow. psych lounge gems. thanks!

  4. I just picked up this 45 at goodwill. Since it was a promotion "Not for sale" copy. Thought it might have some value. Pretty interesting stuff.