Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mix-tape Re-run: Bummer in the Summer

It's been two years since I made this garbled mix-tape of woozy lounge cacophony, psychedelic rock, and stardust crooning... and I'm just rounding out a similar mix for later in the summer but figured I'd return to this one for a little inspiration. The track-list is long gone, but I could probably identify most of the artists, at least, if you press me. It's literally a tape turned to a CD so apologies for lack of track splits. Hope you enjoy, and sorry for occasionally miserable fidelity issues (2nd to last track on side B is embarrassingly in the red and all but ruins it, yikes!). Some familiar faces await, some less familiar ones too. Talk Soon, JDF


  1. Ah, was able to piece this together better than I thought...

    Side A
    Euphoria - Lisa (A Gift From...)
    The Dots - ??? (Tape - MA, 80s)
    Conte Four - Shangri La (Music for Your Dancing Pleasure)
    Ken Nordine - Zebras (Twink)
    Michael Farneti - Good Morning Kisses (Good Morning Kisses)
    Sonny Padilla Jr. - Dreams and Stories (7")
    Gary Neiland - Album Tonight (S/T)
    Les Paul and Mary Ford - ???
    Music Emporium - Winds Have Changed

    Side B
    Donnie Bletz - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (7")
    Crystalaugur - You've Got to Rap (Terranaut)
    Marc Brandt - Roaring Texas Chief (Back to Better Days)
    Dave Lamb and Gye Whiz - I Wonder Why (I'll Be Alright)
    Donnie and Joe - Good Time (Dreamin' Wild)
    Paul Levinson - Antique Shop (Twice Upon a Rhyme)
    Billy Ashe - Friendship Song (You 'n You)
    Austin Sirch - Rail Ride (Alter Alert)
    Duncan Martin - Propane (Tape)

  2. hello bubbling dusk, I see here yr mix features dave lamb & gye whiz. I've been trying to find a download of this LP so very badly. Any chance of an upload? could you reup this mix as well? looks tasty. thnx, yr blog is excellence.