Saturday, January 16, 2010

Twilight Nuages

Probably my favorite new spin of late '09 was this unknown song-writer's demo from a Connecticut high school music teacher named Bill Last. I had the pleasure to talk with Bill about the record and how it came to be, an interesting story no doubt - though I'd like to sing it's praises a little bit first. "Twilight Nuages" is quite possibly the most purely gleeful, unabashedly classy, wildly recorded albums I own, or have had the pleasure to hear... I'm reluctant to post mp3s, because most of my friends didn't really respond to the music in that format, but upon first hearing it in person I just about went through the ceiling and proceeded to spin the thing back to back nearly 10 times in a row... Basically a work-a-day songsmith, Bill put together a group of students from his school and formed a little band to get his material out there. Recorded live in one take, the atmosphere is pure living-room heart-on-their sleeve realness, and due to the fact that Bill had actually penned some true gems and absolutely let the band rip the whole package just takes off for the stars. I'll say, this may not be for everyone... or at least that's what some people tell me... but I think Twilight Nuages is quite possibly one of the best real-people garage-pop extravaganzas ever. I would say you've got to forgive a tendency towards the lighter side of 70s song-craft, but I think that undermines the whole appeal of Bill's completely unfettered and utterly charming approach. I'll be the first to say it, he wrote some damn fine pop songs and projects the world of joy it is to play and sing music straight from the heart. This thing just totally glows. A real high-light for me, as well, are the various teenage female vocalists who take the lead here and there... they provide some of the most evocative performances from a high-school group I've ever heard. Try it on for yourself, and let me know what you think. 100 copies pressed and distributed to friends and family circa 1977 in glorious midnight blue splatter vinyl! Happily, JDF


  1. Fantastic post, fantastic album...
    Great thanks for this unknown treasure!

  2. Nice little nook & great Lp -


  3. It's a very good lp. Thank you very much.

  4. Great stuff, thanks. Frank