Friday, January 29, 2010


Easily my favorite 45 I came across last year was this total mystery science head-scratcher from presumably Indiana... A copy surfaced on eBay and got sold to a friend of mine and somehow I wound up with this beater a few months ago. Suffice it to say, I need an upgrade! But anyhow, those kinds of details are marginal, and the real intrigue with Tracks is primarily based on how outrageously good the 45 is... two sides of absolutely smoking 70s biker-psych, the kind of stuff heads dream about all day long - and on LP there is virtually nothing on this level left kicking around to be uncovered anymore. "Lady of Darkness" is the real meat and potatoes of this claim, a brooding melancholic dirge with psychedelic guitar runs spasming all across your radar. It's a really powerful piece of music, as well as a full on sonic attack. The flip "Let Me Play," which is actually the A-side, is a little more straight-ahead in a sort of phasy hard-rock mode, but to my ears an equally monumental slab with searing leads and deranged harmonica playing. My daydream is that somewhere out there Tracks are sitting on a box of tapes... if this 45 is any indicator it would be some wicked wicked stuff. As of yet, we're not even sure if the record is actually from Indiana - the closest we get is that it was issued under the auspices of "Wanamaker Productions" which for the moment is an equally mysterious entity as Tracks themselves! So I leave you with some soundfiles from my toasted copy... and if anyone related to the project or label runs across this please, please, please get in touch...

Lady of Darkness

Let Me Play


  1. I've heard of this. It's one of the greatest new psych 45 finds of recent years. It won't play here though. Please reupload it. Thanks.

  2. Any chance for reupload? I can not download it. Thanks in advance!

  3. This song was performed by my good friend Tim Emery. He is still alive and well and has been in 2 of my movies and a few others. He still plays music. This song was written about an actual hooker who came into a bar he used to own. I started working on a documentary of his music career and plan to get back to it soon.

  4. Thanks for uploading these Tim Emery songs. Have not heard him sing in years. Wow, great memories.