Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pat Madden - Self-Titled

My first official musical-content post comes from this mysterious LP that surfaced on the collector circuit but a few months ago, and has been delighting my ears since then. I chanced into a copy and was surprised that it wasn't just a 1-tracker, as I had suspected, but a truly solid late night female folk-rock LP with a strong backing band that alternated between lo-fi roadhouse grooves and tender acoustic confessionals. The standouts were almost unanimously the several truly stunning solo tracks where Pat's beautiful voice and aching guitar work shone through, however almost more importantly the record played solidly from front to back and was arranged like a proper album - with all original songs to boot! All of this of course had me scratching my head as to who Pat Madden was, and why this LP was so obscure in such a raked over field of half-baked private press folk records and tired 70s rock amalgams. I could find nothing on the woefully generic sounding "Calypso Records," and despite a lengthy search came up empty as far as Madden herself was concerned.

Madden's Musical Cohorts

There was no location listed on the back, and the band member names were all astonishingly common. So here I am left with a dead-end search, and a cry to the inter-web universe: Pat where are you? To casual listeners, I hope you enjoy... I think the record has a great swampy hippie trailer-park atmosphere and an earthy production quality that fits the material nicely... If nothing else "Measurement" is an otherworldly femme-psych moment and should be comped! All the best, JDF



  1. Stunning sounds, stunning album.

  2. To contact Pat:

    (found here :

  3. Bob -- I'm afraid that's a different Pat Madden. I contacted her about a year ago.

    Best, JDF

  4. Damn! Are you sure? So I have to remove her picture off my blog... Thanks!

  5. would love love love to hear this