Friday, October 30, 2009

Mix: You Really Would

Here's something to keep the wheels spinning... I made this mix for the summer Waxidermy CD-R swap and figured I'd offer it up here as well. Perhaps some familiar faces, and a few very obscure seven inches and random 1-trackers. All of this stuff appeared out of nowhere in late spring-early summer and just fell together nicely as a weird mix-tape loop that absorbed my mental currents for a month or two. Hope you like it. Here's a track list:
1. A Wave - Woo
2. Measurement - Pat Madden
3. Take Me Home - Bert Keeley
4. Anthony Burgess - Bing Selfish & the Ideals
5. Have You Ever Had That Feeling? - Jim Hansen
6. It's Over - Gatsby
7. Misty - The Estate
8. Anybody Home - Dennis Soares
9. Dogs - Glenn Phillips
10. Fear of Flying - Jenny MacGregor
11. Where Are You? - Tim McKenna
12. Searchin' - Charmer
13. Universal Person - Grand Canyon
14. A Simple Thought - Greg Todd & the Jacks
15. Try Baby - Pat Madden
16. Diamond Love - Philip John Lewin
17. Tots in the Way - Ice Skates with Arms
18. The Stars are Bright - Benny Cook
19. A Job Well Done - Jo Ann Stokes
20. The Cleaner - Woo

Wild band feature coming up this week... stay tuned. Best, JDF


  1. Hey Jack,

    Best of luck with the blog, you're off to a cracking start! I meant to beg you for a copy of your waxi mix, the tracklist looks awesome! Kinbotes! Kinbotes! Kinbotes! Kinbotes!


  2. The File has been deleted, can you re-upload it?

  3. I just wanted to let you know that "In Twilight's Quiet Hour", my new album (first since 1979) is now available from

    Among the excellent musicians contributing is, once again, Brian Gauci, lead guitarist on Diamond Love.

    Philip John Lewin