Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mix for '13: Sample Page Sexy Cut Out

Hey gang.  It took me forever to pull this one together.  Hopefully it was worth the wait.  AOR rubbish and basement treats from dusk til dawn.  Accent on the undulations of light and dark, Hollywood, Atlantis, neon, and flame.  Stay stoked, and get rad in '14!  Peace ~~~ J. D. F.


  1. Thanks for the new 2013 mix! This is so good with many standout tracks. I've learned so much about obscure music and private press albums in the last year from your blog. Hope we can get a playlist for this mix soon?

    Thanks Again, Komrads

  2. 10 and 12 are my favourites after a couple of listens

  3. cant freakin wait.

  4. Thanks a lot for this ! is it possible to know who played track 9, 10 and 11? ~ Regards

  5. Track list:

    1. Snapshot Paradise - Aura
    2. Cause It's You / Idle Spending Hours - Texas Rose
    3. In Waiting - Inner Landscapes
    4. Dancer - Jerry Busch
    5. Only Me - Jeff Claypool
    6. Twelve Hour Man - Damrod
    7. Nothing Without You - The Touch
    8. My Heart (Broken Dreams of Yesterday) - Bob Stack
    9. Ice Skater - Sky Waves
    10. Atlantis Nearly Found - Aeron
    11. Check Yourself (Superman's Got Blisters) - Jupiter's Children
    12. You'll Understand - The Wrench
    13. With You My Love - Neil Norman
    14. Time is Money - Boa Constrictor & A Natural Vine
    15. Melinda - Sage
    16. Alpine Mountain Ride - John Winslow

  6. Great mix & blog. Thanks! Keep'em coming.

  7. Thanks a lot for this mix. Number 7 and number 12 are quite accurate in terms of describing my current state of being, via the typical music-is-a-soundtrack-to-my-life kind of thing. Can you give me any basic info on the closing track (John Winslow)? I can't find any information on it, and it's my favorite one on here.

  8. this mix is so rad. aeron + jupiter's children are highlights. thanks.