Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mix-Host Shake-down: Permanent Places, Wide Open Spaces

Hey, Greetings.  After a lot of procrastination I finally got all my mixes uploaded to the server for the indefinite future.  Having received a ton of inquiries about them, and scrambling on and off to upload individual links for thirsty parties, I just decided, f-it, let's make them available for good, for the good - yeah, the good of the people, man!  Haha!  It's a fun breeze through my "personal musical odyssey" (gasp), and a deep well of some really unseemly obscurity, sometimes house-be-rocking, others in time let the knock defrocking.  Sigh.  November may be the finally realized month de blog, in which I really devote some heave-ho to getting stuff up and reeling for your dancing and dining entertainment...  feel like I'm always under a cloud of one kind or another when it comes to really giving this site it's proper re-recognizance.  Life, what was it, what was that thing, I was looking for?  Music... music... music...

Alone Again, Or (2006)

love poem - richard brautigan
better dad than dead - mark levine
ill (worst) - r. stevie moore
frog song - merry airbrakes
Side B, Track 1 ["Untitled"] - david allen coe
mudiang priangan - the steps
one night - the shoes
lonely faces - dave bixby
love out of a crumbling forge - gene f. steiker and larry s. chengges
the fires are burning - charles manson family jams
mists and rains - ruth white
lost at sea - department store santas
inner light - index
in the eyes - virgin insanity
lonely fog - michael yonkers
mr. man - hickory wind
lamentation for hank williams - tina & david meltzer
i don't wanna love ya now - mistress mary
nature is my mother - yays and nays
persephone's song - journey of persephone
fingernail poem - alan watts
open road - hopkins & bradley
a song off of the HALF TRIBE surf lp


Bummer in the Summer (2008)

Side A
Euphoria - Lisa (A Gift From...)
The Dots - ??? (Tape - MA, 80s)
Conte Four - Shangri La (Music for Your Dancing Pleasure)
Ken Nordine - Zebras (Twink)
Michael Farneti - Good Morning Kisses (Good Morning Kisses)
Sonny Padilla Jr. - Dreams and Stories (7")
Gary Neiland - Album Tonight (S/T)
Les Paul and Mary Ford - ???
Music Emporium - Winds Have Changed

Side B
Donnie Bletz - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (7")
Crystalaugur - You've Got to Rap (Terranaut)
Marc Brandt - Roaring Texas Chief (Back to Better Days)
Dave Lamb and Gye Whiz - I Wonder Why (I'll Be Alright)
Donnie and Joe - Good Time (Dreamin' Wild)
Paul Levinson - Antique Shop (Twice Upon a Rhyme)
Billy Ashe - Friendship Song (You 'n You)
Austin Sirch - Rail Ride (Alter Alert)
Duncan Martin - Propane (Tape) 

You Really Would (2009)

A Wave - Woo
Measurement - Pat Madden
Take Me Home - Bert Keeley
Anthony Burgess - Bing Selfish & the Ideals
Have You Ever Had That Feeling? - Jim Hansen
It's Over - Gatsby
Misty - The Estate
Anybody Home - Dennis Soares
Dogs - Glenn Phillips
Fear of Flying - Jenny MacGregor
Where Are You? - Tim McKenna
Searchin' - Charmer
Universal Person - Grand Canyon
A Simple Thought - Greg Todd & the Jacks
Try Baby - Pat Madden
Diamond Love - Philip John Lewin
Tots in the Way - Ice Skates with Arms
The Stars are Bright - Benny Cook
A Job Well Done - Jo Ann Stokes
The Cleaner - Woo 

Duende (2010)

Keep Workin’ - Misty Hush Revival
- Eric
- Wailing Wall
Stone Phase - Moonlyte
- Utopia
Amor - Saints & Sinners
You Came to Me - Morly Grey
Journey of the Mind - El Gusano
3 AM - Misty Hush Revival
- Collective Tools
Salsa Friquea - Bandolero
On the Brink - Grapes of Rathe
- Eric
Drug Country - New Dawn
Our Love - Dennie Dioguardi
Girl From the Mountain - Ghetto Brothers
- Unity
- Haku
- Grupo Irakere
Outro - Misty Hush Revival

Nocturnal Plant Life (2010)

How Can You Know Yourself? - Cathy Ragland
River - Arica
The Wabe - First Lite
Crimson Dawn - Turiiya
Guide Me to the Light - Rohrbacker, Hendren, & Kingen
Bye Bye - T-Kail
Hey Guy - Harlem Avenue
I Owe It All to You - Froc
Seems Like One of Those Days - Konrad
Black River Lady - Drendall, Thrower, & Friends
Spring - Joey Garone
Atmospheric Dreams - Lightdreams
Dream of the M - Once
Take My Life - Ron Rude 

Exercise Your Face (And Smile) (2011)

Damage Done - Plateau
Midnight on Mopac - Aerosol Lettuce
Sweet Sirene - Zoa
Turnaround - Ambiance
Secret Squirrel
It Gets Me Hot - Slippery When Wet
Hummingbird - Marc, Tim, and Group
No Not Really - Michael Land
A Dream Shared By Two - Tubular Face
Before the Snowfall - Sixth Station
Jesus, Watch Over Me - Jerry Hawkins
Chinga Tu Madre - The Jugs
Blue Sea - Follies Bazaar
The Impossible Dream (Excerpt) - Kay Dennis 

It’s the Same Moon in China

Good Times Rock’n’Roll Band - Khamba Shuffle (Variations)
Summer Wine - Lady of Dreams
Stir Crazy - I Am Free
Pumpkin - Frightened Little Girl
The Calliope - Everybody’s High
Mark Dutton - Sun on the Run
The Waterproof Candle - Electrically Heated Child
Betty Everett - 1900 Yesterday
The Eldees - Don’t Be Afraid to Love
The Westwinds - Summer
Pittsburgh Phil - Don’t Tell Her Lies
Josie Taylor - I’ll Love You For Awhile
Staff & Management - Fresh Dirt
Yellow Hair - Talent for Lovin’
Daisy Clan - San Francisco China Town
Strimbling Blimbles - Perfect Dream
Gloria March - The Other Side of the Moon
Bran’ Spankin’ - You Gotta Change

Hope this all hits the spot, drop me a note if anything specific touches you...


  1. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, you gonna keep my ears real busy with these fine lookin' comps J.
    Many thanks for these sounds.

  2. Woo! Thanks Jack!

    Was Bummer in the Summer your first mixtape with Donnie and Joe on it?

  3. downloaded, still to listen. common refrain over here.
    i know its gonna be good though. Yeee-HA!!


  4. These are 7 of the Greatest compilations ever made of the most obscure, rare and best private pressed music ever! Thanks.

  5. I enjoyed seeing this I was in the group The Strimbling Blimbles that did Perfect Dream on your It's the same moon in China. it brings back a lot of memories of good times from the 60's

    1. Hi Jim, I absolutely adore your band's music! Do you guys have any more material on tape?

  6. Just found your blog through the "Dreamin' Wild" liner notes. These mixes are fantastic! ...90% of it is new to me and I love it. Thank you so much for all the digging!