Friday, July 6, 2012

SICK SUMMER MIXXX: "It's the Same Moon in China"

Here it be...  the annual Waxidermy mix-swap contribution...  have very little to say about it other than that I quite enjoyed making, and the traxx are top notch!  Will try to get a listing together soon, though I have misplaced most of the records by now...  sigh...  Hope everyone's summers are trending upward, blissfully moving toward a circle around the sun.  Cheers, JDF


  1. It's a long long way to Canada

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  3. hey, really digging this mix. any word on the track listing?

  4. Will try to put a track list together as soon as I can!

    All the best, JDF

  5. excellent mix! would dearly love a tracklist for further investigations :)

  6. Would it be possible to get a track list? Some deep cuts here that I can't identify. Would love to use a couple on my monthly mix. Especially track 14. Thanks!

  7. please don't give a track listing for this rubbish

  8. sorry, another one of my mood swings, actually 5,12,16 & 17 are pretty good tracks looking forward to name tagging them

  9. It’s the Same Moon in China

    Good Times Rock’n’Roll Band - Khamba Shuffle (Variations)
    Summer Wine - Lady of Dreams
    Stir Crazy - I Am Free
    Pumpkin - Frightened Little Girl
    The Calliope - Everybody’s High
    Mark Dutton - Sun on the Run
    The Waterproof Candle - Electrically Heated Child
    Betty Everett - 1900 Yesterday
    The Eldees - Don’t Be Afraid to Love
    The Westwinds - Summer
    Pittsburgh Phil - Don’t Tell Her Lies
    Josie Taylor - I’ll Love You For Awhile
    Staff & Management - Fresh Dirt
    Yellow Hair - Talent for Lovin’
    Daisy Clan - San Francisco China Town
    Strimbling Blimbles - Perfect Dream
    Gloria March - The Other Side of the Moon
    Bran’ Spankin’ - You Gotta Change