Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Metz on Lone Starr

Hello friends! Long time no see! Well, you'll be pleased to know I've been living it up in the beautiful state of Texas... sort of a revelation moving to the deep south, soaking in the heat, enjoying the musical bounty of one of the weirdest regions on the planet! You know it! Up for the taste today is a beguiling piece of the METZ puzzle, the 7" counterpart to the world's rarest glammy hard rock MDMA git-down LP - known only in the most luxurious THC-drenched NOLA bachelor pad circles, and Dallas thrift-store crack-ups! Literally one known copy of the big disc, and not sure there's another one in sight of the record pictured above... wild! So what's the joint? On the Universe / New Life split, Senor Metz pilots the ship into rockier waters and pummels one of the best 70s hard rock assaults I have witnessed - hand's down - drops the sisters and shoots for the blisters... beautiful, beautiful wasted hard rock and only made more beguiling by the Chrome / Lone label swap and mutual Houston pressing matrix. Who were you Metz?! What black-light puke-encrusted disco ball alternate reality do you cling for dear life to? Would LOVE to know more about this massive obscurity - so get in touch! Blessings and godspeed from Tejas -- watch out Raven, enjoy this blast!

New Life