Monday, March 22, 2010

Danny Espy on BJ Records

Enigmatic rainy day loner garage 45 from California... I've had it for a few years and puzzled over the why's and where's but a friend recently was able to make contact with Danny who lives in New Jersey and recorded the 7" sort of ad hoc on a vacation to Southern California with his family in '74. Still can't quite figure out if this is Buster Jones' "BJ" label which had a number of soul releases and was active more or less when this would have been recorded. A band was provided for the occasion, and that's about all there is to tell. Enjoy the fragile teen ambience on "Lonesome Man" and warbly basement shuffle of "When Will the Sun Shine." It's a rare one!

When Will The Sun Shine

Lonesome Man


  1. A nice little groovy thing this, thanks for sharing it J.

  2. any way you could re-up these? not playing.
    really wanna hear 'em!
    love the blog.



  3. Fixed! Thanks for the heads up, Rick.

  4. thanks, J.!
    wow. "Lonesome Man" is totally awesome.