Monday, December 7, 2009

Looking Back

On a dismal day of digging in Eastern Washington last winter I chanced upon this pretty unassuming high-school revue LP from Toronto. Nothing about it screamed 'cool' but a couple of solo vocal credits with original songs were enough to make me pick it up for a quarter. It turned out to have a few beautiful folk songs from a trio of young women who attended high school in Toronto and managed to make it onto their senior year retrospective LP. A further look at the back jacket revealed that they were genuine song-smiths and that they were apparently pretty prolific, however I could find out little else about them. Surely a full length LP by Mary Jean Crawford, Patti Schram, or Jenny MacGregor would command some attention although I doubt any such thing exists. I tried locating them to no avail, and so regardless I felt compelled to share these tracks from a woefully obscure little LP. My personal fave is the off-kilter piano ballad by Jenny - actually a cover of a Joe Mock tune, though I think the crowds will truly dig "There is a Way" which edges into folk-psych territory and is comp-worthy. Gorgeous innocent teen vocals soar over finger-picked guitar with cymbal flourishes for a really stunning piece of moody introspective folk music. Check them all out:

There is a Way by Mary Jean Crawford and Patti Schram

Nothing's Easy by Mary Jean Crawford

Would You Like to Stay by Patti Schram

Fear of Flying by Jenny MacGregor


  1. Hi! amazing blog! I like all the stuff! beautiful records!
    I would love to hear it somwhere out of my computer
    it is possible you could help me to find some download links of this ones?

    Yin & Yang - Yin & Yang (THIS ONE IS AMAZING)
    Pat Madden - Pat Madden
    Esy Morales - Jungle Fantasy
    Ice Skates with Arms - Buy This Record and No One Gets Hurt
    Korla Pandit - Tropical Magic
    Looking Back - Secondary School Concert Choir

    just if you can, if is impossible don't worry...

    thanks, I would really appreciate!

    amazing music you have here!
    best wishes,

  2. Hi there. I am Mary Jean Crawford on the Looking Back CD. Wow, this is a weird experience! Thank you for doing this. I am 52 now, still writing and singing when the weather blows thru. Still have the same guitar. Patti Schram is somewhere in Innisfil, and the last time I saw Jenny was when I sang at her wedding many years ago in Toronto. Very cool to find this.

    1. Mary Jean! This is just too cool! You left a message on my home phone but didn't leave a number and you are one of the few people that can't be tracked down via Google. Would love to be in touch.

  3. Hi. Mary Jean Crawford again. I can't seem to be able to contact you by email. I am at Hope you are well.