Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Mix: Exercise Your Face (and Smile)

Summer has come again - and I am still trying to get this blog back to normal. 2 large relocations in one year, though, will take it out of you. I made this mix for the annual Waxidermy mix-swap, and it's the usual brew of late nite AOR steamers, and fried college folk. Hope everyone is doing A-OK, and that when I finally get settled down (again) we can get some better locomotion going here... the records are piling up! Yargh! Dig it...


  1. 1. Damage Done - Plateau
    2. Midnight on Mopac - Aerosol Lettuce
    3. Sweet Sirene - Zoa
    4. Turnaround - Ambiance
    5. Secret Squirrel
    6. It Gets Me Hot - Slippery When Wet
    7. Hummingbird - Marc, Tim, and Group
    8. No Not Really - Michael Land
    9. A Dream Shared By Two - Tubular Face
    10. Before the Snowfall - Sixth Station
    11. Jesus, Watch Over Me - Jerry Hawkins
    12. Chinga Tu Madre - The Jugs
    13. Blue Sea - Follies Bazaar
    14. The Impossible Dream (Excerpt) - Kay Dennis

  2. I'm excited about this hit-list... Any idea how to easily convert this file into something I can play?

  3. You can use a program called WinRar which is a free download...

  4. Great mix. Enjoying that Follies Bazaar, what LP did that come from, never heard of 'em. Is the rest as smooooth as that one track?

  5. It's a smooth LP, but that song is the stone-cold gem of the bunch. The volume is entitled, "Dressed to Thrill"

    Cheers, JDF

  6. Just came across your blog by chance and This mix is the best I have heard in awhile! Thanks for sharing it. Really dig Ambiance, Follies Bazaar, and Secret Squirrel. Btw what is Secret Squirrel?