Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ron Cornelius Interview

Sorry for the slow slurf here lately... Have been dealing with a number of real-world issues in my life. I feel alot like the guy in the above photograph, the bottom in sight, how to climb back out? The man in question is Ron Cornelius, who's cult-classic mid-70s folk-rock LP Tin Luck has grown in stature over the years after being almost universally canned by Polydor at it's release. Uncompromising, jagged, and absolutely gorgeous - you need to track one down! I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ron and talking about the LP and his career as a prominent session musician in Nashville and Los Angeles. You can check it out at Be well, and I'll get back to the boards before you know it. Luego...


  1. great interview!
    was itching to hear 'Tin Luck' since.
    was finally able to, via Holy Warbles.
    wow. what a gorgeous (and very personal) slice, indeed. needed it today. and will, future days.

    thanks for bringing it to my attention, J.
    looking forward to more awesome posts this year.

  2. Loved hearing the man himself speak!


    do you have an email address?

  3. This LP is the Hope Diamond of us 70s cut-out bin miners. Thanks Jack. I loved this record but I am weak and cause I never hear it nowadays, nor of it, nor do I have a good turntable.... I haven't listened in years. My loss.

    Question to you, or perhaps Ron: were there other songs, other sessions after this that could be just as shiny as this gem? ... It's songwriting after all, not so much if you had the most perfect playing or the best lathe cutters of your masters which is what happened here through Ron's devotion. Is there a 2nd Ron Cornelius album to be made out of bedroom songwriting cassettes or other such sessions? I know it would be great. Thanks.

    Great songwriting, much less great vibe like this LP, usually finds its proper, high level of love and appreciation. This record hasn't, but in time it will.