Thursday, August 12, 2010

Latitudes: 1974

This compilation from Montgomery Community College has been known about for years, but I had mistakenly slept on it for as long as I've been buying private press stuff, and now thanks to a good friend who recently gave one to me - all of that has been changed. I figured since I had already posted the volume from '75 I would give this one a post too, and was doubly motivated to do so because one song on here just kind of worked its way into being something of a summer anthem for me, the deliriously glammy, lite-Rush melodic power-pop gush of the band Y and their alternate-universe hit "Silver Screen Betty" - so go figure! Several of the groups here, including Y just nail that dreamland private press sound, and I would take even a half-hearted (or baked) full-length from any of them. Particular stunners include the stoned basement art-rock of the Tubular Chamber Ensemble, the immaculate hard-prog of Puddleduck, the singularly bizarre folk-rock lyrical mash-up of Donna Pretsch, and a superb folk-psych cut from the Shack People. Even the seemingly goofy hick outfit, the Ambler Ramblers who receive two slots on the billing, at turns deliver a gorgeous piece of instrumental psychedelia called "High Harbor." I owe Brennan in VT a big thanks for swapping this out to me, and if anyone has further info on these bands or anything else they did, drop me a line. I'm interested, too, as to if there are any LPs in this series from before 1973... Here's a link to the full LP, and below a sample for those just curious... rock on, Betty!

Silver Screen Betty


  1. J - thanks also for the rip - it's very nice, as well. Always appreciated! Thank you!

  2. Excellent! I remember missing out on a copy of this in trade about 6 years ago. I don't think I would have appreciated it then as much as how it sounds now. (Want list added).

  3. Nice album indeed, especially the song with the Shack People, it rocks. Thank you for sharing J.

  4. i can never thank you too much for digging and sharing all those hidden gems
    thanks again joachim

  5. hello. any way you could re-up this? that track is weirdly the most infectious & touching pop song i've heard in a long time. pretty please? samantha

    1. Hi Samantha! Please drop me a line here:

      cheers -- jdf