Thursday, June 10, 2010

Austin Sirch - Self-Titled

This is a little bit of a shameless plug for a friend, but I don't want anyone to be confused - I'm a big fan of the guy's work. Austin and I go back years and years of kicking around in green grass pastures, the mis-adventures of mouse-infested cabin life, the ever-present hourglass passed in puffs of smoke, and the nite-time as John Lennon would speak of it in that song with lots of saxophone and sunglasses. Austin's music is a joyous cacophony of strings laid bare to effervescent harmonies and shimmering lush psychedelic pop atmosphere. There's an effortlessness to his whole jag, a push back to summer dawns bathed in the Beatles and strong dope. I'm biased I suppose, as I associate the songs with really fond memories, but rarely does one find such a warm repose, an envelope sonically arranged for you to crawl inside and find the things you love about home-made music all over again. The distinction for me is that he's a writer, and the songs stand out as fully crafted paths through a forest of days lost to the grind of getting older and heartaches that seem heavier as the years go on. Really personal beautiful stuff that is super close to my heart. This is a CD EP from 4 or 5 years ago. If you like it, let him know. With that I bid you warm summer feelings, breathe deeply - eat something you enjoy. Warmly, JDF

I. Wishing Bell
II. No(is)e
III. When the Ships Come In
IV. Something Else
V. The Missile Blues
VI. Sophie's Song

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