Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Los Strwck - La Doctoriza

Here is a ridiculously fun LP I finally laid my hands on a few weeks ago. I owe a big thanks to Rich Haupt for turning me onto this gem... a hypnotizing blend of loungey Mexican club rock and raging psychy fuzz-guitar workouts that kind of defies categorization. It's not that such a mix is completely incomprehensible, it's just that these blasts of unmitigated feedback seem to come out of nowhere and often somewhat alter the course of the song altogether pushing this firmly into the strange. As if that weren't enough to pique your interest, it's also a total party record. Not every song features a dimension shift into mind-warp zones, but the few ballads are a delight and properly overwrought in classic Mariachi fashion. I absolutely love this stuff, and I hope you do too. There's no info on the back of the jacket - just a catalog for other releases on the obscure Kubaney label... Apparently these guys have a load of other LPs and only one comes close but doesn't even scratch this beast! Any further details are appreciated...

Communicame Tu Ritmo

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  1. AWESOME DUDE! i really dug the tracks on waxidermy and can't wait to check this out. the chimney has spoken indeed! great new blog.